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Company Description

Visio Media has the largest national residential elevator advertising network in Canada.
Combined with their commercial network, Visio Media’s high frequency medium is the first and
last thing people see on their way in and out of their homes & offices.

For the first time in the Digital OOH market, Visio Media is able to dynamically display their
advertiser’s ads based on the age & gender of the occupants of an elevator, using proprietary
technology. In addition, advertisers can create complex, multi-rule campaigns to display ads
depending on the weather, time of day and sporting events, to maximize campaign

Visio Media is backed by many influential investors from Canada to the United Arab Emirates.


Size:    175     350    700    1400

Size:    175     350    700    1400    SVG


Figure: Property Selection map in Elev8 platform.
Figure: Example targeting parameters in Elev8. Creating awareness of breakfast offerings.


For Press Inquiries, please contact us at

Brady Cassidy
1 (780) 628-6806
4710 90a Ave NW
Edmonton, Canada
T6B 2P9