Geo-Targeting Your Ads

Our screens are positioned in elevators throughout ofEdmontonVancouver, and soon Toronto. We can deliver more than 9,205,305 Monthly Impressions across, 628 Offices and 8,948 Residential Units. We can help you target businesses or residents according to address, postal code, or neighborhood.

Below you’ll find a few examples of ads that use geographic targeting to connect with the right audience.

Targeting Wealthy Consumers

This ad was designed to target adults and seniors in high-income buildings and commercial spaces. Elev8 allows you choose which audiences you want to target.

Targeting Students

This ad was targeted to young adults in buildings close to universities and post-secondary institutions. Each building it ran in was customized with the building’s name.

Target Buildings Around Your Business

Create hyper-local ads by connecting with the residents and office tower workers surrounding your business

Targeted Advertising Works!

Learn how our Elev8 platform can connect you with the right customers at the right time. Get in touch and start driving traffic to your business today.

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