Tenant Communication

Visio’s elevator screens make it easy and quick to interact with tenants, show-off unused units, and generate additional building income.

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What We Can Do For You

Everything you need to make your tenants informed and build community

Communicate inStyle

Communicate with your residents, tenants and guests on their way in and out of their homes and offices.

An elegant way to keep your tenants and residents informed about building news, local news and local events happening in their neighborhood.

Turn Key Platform

Easily login through your browser to update your building NewsFeed and MainFeed with nicely designed building templates.

Also, pick and choose different RSS feeds, to have your screens automatically display sports, business and technology news that is updated every 20 minutes. All done through your browser. 

Stay Mobile with Alfred  

Coming soon, we’ll be offering each property we work with their very own branded smartphone app for IOS and Android.

This app allows:

Instant smartphone notifications

Access to building information such as gym/pool/front door open and closing times recycling information, building notices

Visitor parking validation and shared facility booking for tenants

And much more

Revenue Sharing

At Visio Media, our business is to generate revenue through advertising sales and media services. We focus mainly on local businesses surrounding the Toronto area. The revenue generated is shared with you as our host property; this can be used for whatever you see  fit, like unexpected costs and property enhancements.

Why local businesses love us

Through our patent pending software, we are able to detect the amount of traffic each ad is receiving, giving advertisers anonymous but measurable results on their advertising campaigns.

With our software we enable advertisers to deliver ads based on the time of day, the weather or even sporting events. For example, a local restaurant can show you the breakfast ad in the morning and the dinner ad after 5pm.

Our software delivers completely anonymous and aggregated data, which means your resident's privacy is never compromised.

Host Discretion

Advertisements are selected to reflect the interests of your residents, we work closely with you to ensure your residents experience the most enjoyable elevator experience every day.

Visio Media will not allow any competitors or conflicting parties to advertise on your screens. Furthermore, as the property manager, you have the unrestricted right to ask for the removal of any advertisement

Zero Cost To You

We take care of all costs involved with setting up and managing the screens including working with your elevator technicians for a hassle free installation. Thanks to our built-in advertising system, your property actually makes money! We share any revenue generated through advertising sold on your building’s screens. Visio Media has the highest percentage of revenue share  of any elevator company, and our screens mix lifestyle content with ads to make the screens less intrusive.

Don't Take Our Word for It !

“Our tenants and their clients appreciate getting reminders of local news and building notifications during their trips up-and-down the elevators, and we appreciate the extra building income.

It’s a win-win partnership.

Darin Rayburn
President and CEO Melcor Developments Ltd.

“The Visio Team were very easy to
work with. Their screens were installed without any trouble and the online interface is very useful for posting building information at any time of day.”

Robert LeParque, CPM®
Senior Property ManagerMidwest Property Management

“The integration with Visio’s Elevator Screens has provided an additional way for our company to communicate GeniePad notices with condominium residents utilizing a new digital medium. It has been a pleasure working with the team at Visio Media.”

Rafal Dyrda
CEO GeniePad

Just a few examples of companies that use our platform

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