We’re a team of marketers, thinkers, explorers, developers and elevator riders that are serious about bringing the power of online advertising into the physical world. Above all, we love what we do and who we do it with.


  • Fouad El-Masri
    Fouad El-MasriChief Executive Officer
    • Nicolette Leonardis
      Nicolette LeonardisVICE PRESIDENT + CO-FOUNDER
      • Bruce Johnson
        Bruce JohnsonExecutive Chairman
        • Jed Barlow
          Jed BarlowSoftware Developer
          • Brad Eves
            Brad EvesSenior Account Manager
            • James Howells
              James HowellsSenior Account Manager - Vancouver
              • Kimberly Wu
                Kimberly WuSoftware Developer
                • Samantha Carter
                  Samantha CarterSenior Account Manager - Vancouver
                  • Matt Fitzgerald
                    Matt FitzgeraldSenior Account Manager

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